Money-back guarantee


For all Consulting, Advisory and Mentoring services, we provide a money-back guarantee; if you're not delighted with the service and information you receive from SalesMentors, we will refund 100% of your money paid.

For individual salesperson mentoring, there is no ongoing commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Mentoring subscription

The mentoring hours included can be used in smaller time blocks during the month, with the minimum time block being 15 minutes. The monthly mentor time will reset at the start of the following month; any unused time does not carry forward.

Mentoring is dedicated and direct support for you and you only, to communicate with SalesMentors using a phone, Skype or an equivalent tool, or email. You can decide the appropriate communication mechanism.

Service availability


Mentoring is available during working days between the hours identified in Service options; calls by phone, Skype or equivalent are by prior arrangement.


Any calls outside of normal working days (e.g. weekends and public holidays) are always by mutual agreement.



Face to face meetings are at a mutually agreed time and location. A charge may be made if the meeting is cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.




For any other queries, please see FAQ or contact SalesMentors.