Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting, advisory and support services are available on a bespoke basis to match your organisational needs.

We work on projects ranging from short one-off engagements to review/improve a specific aspect of sales performance, to ongoing projects to advise and support significant sales growth. 


SalesMentors will be pleased to meet with your organisation and agree the most appropriate service for your company - please contact us to discuss.

Sales Consultancy

For many small and medium sized 'business to business' companies competing in dynamic and fast-moving marketplaces, increasing sales today is more challenging than ever.​


Many start-ups and smaller companies do not have a mature sales organisation, and often have only limited sales expertise in-house.

This can result in organisations growing at a much slower rate than their true potential, or 'plateauing' and finding it difficult to make the 'step change' necessary to transform sales achievement to the next level.

We can assist with sales strategy, tactics, process, organisation, incentive plans, workshops - almost anything that a company needs to transform its sales achievement.

We deliver valuable advice, as well as 'hands-on' support where appropriate to ensure successful delivery.

Expert, independent input can transform growth - SalesMentors provide high-impact consulting and advisory services to drive and support sales - your virtual Sales Director.

Team Mentoring

​In addition, as markets continues to accelerate, with new products and services constantly emerging, sales line management have limited and reducing time to be able to mentor their teams.


Homeworking has heightened this issue, with salespeople sometimes feeling remote and isolated, and with less perceived personal development opportunity than other staff 'in the office'.


External, sales mentoring can increase sales, develop sales staff more quickly, and will be entirely complementary and aligned with existing internal Sales Management.


By providing independent, professional mentoring to sales staff, companies can: 


  • Improve sales performance

  • Improve employee retention

  • Improve employee motivation and satisfaction

  • Improve company rating and reputation (e.g.

  • Attract talented new employees

  • Release Sales Management time


Organisations that are growing can particularly benefit from professional

mentoring of graduate, trainee and junior sales staff.


Professional mentoring provides an extremely cost-effective solution to rapidly grow the ability and knowledge of your salesforce, and improve sales results, employee satisfaction, and company standing.